too late to raise broilers this fall?

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Oct 23, 2007
Like many others, I saw the recent Meyer hatchery broiler sale advertised. I want to know if it's too late to raise a batch for the year, if I do not have any heat source in the outdoor enclosure/coop after they feather out and leave the brooder. I talked to a local person with some experience who believes that without a heat lamp, the broilers won't mature in the standard 7-8 weeks, because they'll expend too many calories just trying to stay warm, taking a lot longer and making the proposition uneconomical.
I have laying hens but have never tried to raise Cornish X.

I thought I'd check to see if anyone else has experience with this. My climate: middle of North Carolina.

thanks for any advice!
No experience with your climate, but we had really cold spring weather here that lasted much later than usual. So my spring Cornish Cross got raised in freezing weather. I kept heat lamps on at night until they were 6 weeks old. It did not slow their growth, but they ate more. Some of that food went to keeping warm instead of growth,

By "cold" I mean down to zero degrees F after they were moved outside and I had to keep them in the brooder longer than normal. I don't know what "cold" means in your area or how long your fall weather lasts, I could have ordered broilers up until about the middle of September and expected good weather to raise them.

What kind of weather can you reasonably expect during the next 8 weeks?

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