Too many ducks


12 Years
Feb 4, 2007
British Columbia, Canada
Isn't there a support group somewhere?

I started with 2 very nice Runner drakes last August. Just for decoration and bug control, you understand. One went out to dinner with a racoon and the other started hanging around with 3 pullets. Definitely an identity crisis so I went to the breeder and asked for another drake.
No way - you want more ducks you have to take a pair. So I did.
But 2 drakes, one duck, no good. Original drake still thought he was a chicken and showed those girls (the chickens) what roosters do.
This spring I finally got another duck. Pretty fawn girl.
But then there was a poultry swap a couple of weeks ago. I got 3 more, 2 neat collared fawns and a light fawn with an amazing army-green bill.
Oops, the green-billed turned out to be a drake. Don't need more drakes so I got in touch with the previous owner and she said she's be happy to trade back.
On Sunday I caught the drake, she called to say she had a duck ready for me. Then she said the drake would be going into the pot. Oh.
So, of course I kept Mr Greenbill.
Current count? 3 drakes, 5 ducks, and 1 just hatched.

I guess this isn't the right place for a support group though, is it? More like a bunch of enablers.
"too many ducks"? I have never heard this phrase. Are you speaking some foreign language?
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what's that mean??? I don;t think I understand,.too many ducks??
I think too many ducks may be an oxymoron
:) either that or I am a moron with 11 baby ducks.
Odd isn't it? I am trying to figure out how to keep all 11 of mine....and I think I am going to have too many drakes...but there must be a way to keep them all. I will find it!

hearthnsoul ditto sign me up on the "moron with 11 ducklings" list too.
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I don't think it is possible on this side of the Cosmos to have "too many ducks." I started with 8 semi rescues...card board box on the back of a trailer loaded with all manner of poulty, no food or water, direct sun on a truly sweltering day...handled carelessly and falling from side to side in the aforementioned box...fresly hatched and barely dry...had not had their first drop of water or bite of food...I could not leave them there...but now my 8 has turned into 22...o dear...
Got the same problem here! Started out with 3 Rouens from TSC...Then added 2 call ducks...Then the rouens turned out to be drakes...So guess what need more cuz what are 3 drakes gonna do me? So I have 2 magpie and 2 blue sweddish ducks I will be picking up on Friday! So if you find that support group please let me know...Im waiting for my husband to tell me no more..lmfao!
OK, let me join in the duck-fanatics club !! LOL

I started with 2 Pekin ducklings from our local co-op. Then one of my neighbors asked if I wanted a few ducks -- she says they're too messy, constantly getting into her pot-bellied pig food/water. Now I have 3 adult Pekin ducks to go along with the 2 (former) ducklings and my 2 geese. Not sure if I have boys, girls, or a nice combo, but they're just so DARNED CUTE!!


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