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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by kitchwitch, Oct 8, 2011.

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    Feb 3, 2009
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    it's official...I have all males (5 total). :-( With nary a female in sight, will these guys continue to get along over winter until I can provide them with female companionship?
    They're 7 months old and they love sleeping in a big pile NEXT to their duck house, they enjoy swimming in their pool and quacking loudly at the dog. I've never heard or seen any aggression from them and there is no evidence of aggression on their bodies or in the environment. I can probably re-home a few males and purchase some females if I have to, but if they'll be content amongst themselves without a girl duck to drive them nuts, then I'd like to leave them as they are. Any thoughts or experiences?
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    They should be okay. At 7 months they will have reached sexual maturity. I have read that as long as there are no females around, drakes get along. You would need to get quite a few girls to keep even 2 males. If you just want ducks to have ducks and don't want eggs or ducklings, I say keep them as they are.

    By the way, I feel your pain. I got 5 muscovy and ended up with 4 males and 1 female. [​IMG] Unfortunately, I don't have the option of keeping them all. I just need to decide who to keep and then I'm working up my nerves for freezer camp. [​IMG]
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    I got 2 Khakis and 2 Magpies last March. Straight run. Silly me. 3 out of 4 were drakes. If I keep them separated, the drakes get alone like the three muskateers! They (drakes) are quite inseparable. The 2 Khakis in particular. When I let them out of the duck house, one will stand there waiting until his buddy comes out. Same with going back in at night. Makes it easier to get the one 'maniac" duck back in the house at night. He won't let me catch him, until his buddy goes in the house and he cannot get there without the ugly human catching him. [​IMG]

    Through August/September their breeding behavior was so awful we separated the drakes and hens into two houses. They have calmed down now and free range together during the day. But are still separated at night. In the duck house the awful behavior continues and there's no where for the hens to run.

    My husband would like me to get rid of the excess (non egg laying drakes), and I probably should, but they are my favorites. (Except during Aug/Sept!) Long story short, our three drakes would be perfectly happy with just themselves!
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    Quote:Well, I am going to warn them so they are on their best behavior to make your selection process even more difficult [​IMG][​IMG]
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    I've understood that with no hens they should be. I had a different issue.. i had two drakes, two hens and two juveniles(that are looking like drakes) so i had to get rid of a drake because all heck was breaking loose.
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