Too many too soon???how many chicks are enough??

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  1. I already have 10 chickens(if / when we move,2 roos are going to my neighbor)& i order 9 from My Pet,BUT now we decided we're getting some from Rural King,AND 1 hen i have is probably going to go broody.Too much???[​IMG] P.s. chick order is changeable& i wont be eating any of them
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  2. GoldDogsMom

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    Welcome to Chicken Math...

    I started with 6 TSC chicks and now have 18 hens and 2 roos and looking to get possible 4-6 more this spring! As long as you have the will never stop!
  3. cafarmgirl

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    The answer basically just depends on whether you have sufficient space to put them all.
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    Chicken Math... Love that term. We decided to start smart with only 4 or 5 chicks then....chicken math happened and now we have a flock of 14 chicks and I would not change a thing. However...reality is that having space for them is a must.. so as long as you have the space, the time, and ability to care for them - Enjoy them and have fun.
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    Supposedly we have 3 roos and 12 hens with our chick order that I picked up this oldest son just called me and said a parent had brought a whole brooder full of chicks, about 100 of them, to the school for "Early Easter" giveaways. I'm rather nervous about how many he brings home and I've already made an appointment with our vet to check them out and vaccinate them this afternoon. So, it seems my original flock of 15 BA's will now increase by however many he decides he's bringing home and no idea on breeds yet.

    [​IMG] I am going to fly the coop.

    Ahh, the joys of chickens! Here we go!

  6. chickadoodles

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    That is too funny! [​IMG]
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    I hate Easter for just that reason...but, it does mean I could possibly wind up with some new stock for my mutt pen without spending a dime in about a month...

    And, like others have said - once bitten by the chicken bug, you pretty much tend to pack them in as long as there's reasonable space.

    Look on the positive side...maybe all he brings home will be pullets so each of your roos will have a full harem?
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    Ah, there goes some chicken math. Personally, I would feel a bit overwhelmed with this, but everyone is different. I am afraid you may be biting off more than you can chew, but only you really know that.
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    I'm definitely hoping this is the case!

  10. kynewbchickie

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    We have a ton of space, I've actually sectioned off half the brooder for now - in total it's 4'x4' - and we've got a rather large chicken yard already fenced and ready to go. Glad he decided to do this before we built the coop - that's definitely going to change the dimensions a bit. ;)

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