Top egg laying breeds?


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Mar 1, 2011
Northern Idaho
I have 7 chicks that should arrive at my local farm supply store the 1st of April. I am wanting to make sure I am getting the correct egg laying chicks/hens. So what are 5 of the best egg laying breeds?? They need to be winter (do get below 32F/windy) & yet summer hardy also (up to 90-100F/no humidity), docile, not to noisy.

Production Reds, Golden Comets and Black Stars are great if you want lots of eggs and are not breeding them.

Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds if you want a great egg layer and ever want to breed them.

At my local feed stores you can just ask them to get some brown egg laying pullets and you are good to go.
I agree. For egg production and hardiness I would choose a sex link (but only if you don't want to breed). I've had different kinds of crosses, and they've always performed well, and survived some single digit temperatures without a problem. Have fun!
Leghorns, Sex-links, Australorps, RIR or Barred Rocks... I don't think the Leghorns would be as cold hardy as the others (but I don't know much on Leghorns) but they are stellar egg layers. I think an Australorp pullet holds the world record- 364 eggs in 365 days. I guess she finally decided to take a day off after that. I've heared Orpingtons are also good layers.
lots of good info here.

I had one white leghorn, and she layed very well. But the other birds really picked on her and she died last summer on our hottest day. None of the others seemed to mind the heat?
Ok so right now, I have on order.....New Hampshire, Australorp, EE, Buff Orpi & Barred Rock. You all have recommend a sex link, so I will look into those. What about the other breeds I have on order?

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