Topic of the Week - Chicken Keeping in Weather Extremes


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With some US states being hit by hurricanes at the moment, chicken keeping and protecting the flock from weather extremes is much on many of our members' minds right now.

Therefor, this week I would like to hear you all's thoughts and advice on getting your birds safe through weather extremes. How can you prepare for and protect your flock against storms, high winds, torrential rain and more?

ETA: To clarify, this is not just for hurricane and other severe storms, but in general :)
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My Coop
My Coop
I can.NOT.imagine ....
....what it would be like to face hurricanes and all that come with them.

There's just no fathoming it unless you have been thru it.
Have had a few close calls with tornadoes but they are unpredictable so no prep.

My heart goes out to all those in weather and fire crisis at this time,
hoping you all find the strength to cope.


May 5, 2017
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AART, I've been through a few hurricanes but CAT 1 or barely into 2. I cannot imagine either the challenges those in the path of Irma are facing, covering the entire state. Have also had close calls with tornados, one hit less than 50 yards from my home years ago and barely missed my neighbors home but destroyed their dairy barn.

I am still working on my coop and have considered our often strong winds and when storms hit torrential rain and hopefully built my coop to withstand those. Against a tornado no way to secure completely. I already know my coop doors will need to be strengthened in the future to tolerate 80 mph winds but needed to get the chicks moved. I had a prefab shed ripped apart by winds a couple years ago and never found all the pieces.


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I am in pinellas county Fl where irma is crossing right over. I am bringing my girls in and they will ride out the storm in dog crates with hay. We are looking at winds up to 110 and I don't think they are safe in the coop during that. I have read it will be stressful on them not to be in their coop but it's better than being killed or hurt outside.

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Really, I think we have to prioritize, and at this point, it is people that need to be kept safe. Some chickens will make it through, but it will be the luck of the draw. There should be no guilt involved if a member's flock is lost. This is a hobby we all enjoy. These are circumstances beyond our control.


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Jun 28, 2011
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I agree with you absolutely @Mrs. K What I had in mind for this discussion (and I edited to clarify my first post) is storms and adverse weather in general. Beside the odd rain shower, most countries often has to deal with moderate floods, higher than average winds and severe storms at times. I am wondering what safety measures etc our members have in place for when this happens.


Jun 23, 2017
So, you wrap them in newspaper and then tape? It is unlikely we'd have to vacate our home, but if we did, we have a friend's wildlife refuse we could use for a bit. I'd like to take the hens with us and I idly wondered how we'd do that sort-of last minute.


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Yup, it was on FB Educational Poultry....Someone was evacuating Key West & had to keep his Roosters separated & carriers took up too much room. What's surprising is the Roos all seemed calm & relaxed but thought it a good idea, carriers take up too much space.

I'd use a thick layer of newspaper, spread open & wrap. You know how strong a chicken's wing is so I'd use duct tape that can be cut away, think the guy used strapping tape. Wrap snug but not tight....These are my thoughts, no instructions was added to the picture.

Where are you located? Be careful if you leave your house. Was "talking" to someone in Cocoa area (east coast), they've had 6" rain already & the water rising.
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