Tornado Warning For N/CENTRAL IDAHO!

About 10 years ago when I had my land in North Idaho, we had a tornado rip through about 10 in the morning, it was nice out and a frind and I were having coffee, wondering what the greenish clouds off in the distance were...I creeped out, and ran to get my clothes on (we were in jammies) and before I could get both legs in my jeans, it hit.

Horrendous wind, shook evey timber in the handhewn cabin, rain POURED like none I have ever seen,,,pushing horizontally through every window...It took my 20 PBRs and blew them over hill and dale.
Hens came running back doing chicken 'screams' for several days...toos. garbage, buckets, anything not nailed down, old barns and outhouses, gone or moved.
This a bit south of Priest came from the south and went Northwest..knocked down all power and thousands of trees all down SR 41...SKAR-EEE!!

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