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Nov 6, 2012
Melbourne, Australia
Our 5 chicks are 8 weeks old now, and I am getting the garden secure for them to roam free.
I read somewhere that Irises are toxic for chickens, and we have them everywhere.
Can anyone confirm this - do I need to dig them all up?
In my experience chickens are actually really good about not eating things that are made for them. I don't know for sure about irises but I wouldnt be overly worried about it as long as they have lots of other good things to eat.
Well the same article mentioned that they like eating 'Lambs Ear' leaves and there are plenty of them around the Irises, so hope they fill up on them and leave the irises alone.
I have a flower bed that has iris in, and they haven't bothered them except to scratch around the roots and then not much.
I had all sorts of plants growing in the area my chickens roamed in and they knew which plants were good to eat and left the harmful ones well alone.
If chickens were likely to eat poisonous plants and die there wouldn't be very many chickens left around by now, would there... They know what to eat and what not to, never fear.
I believe that when they have free choice of food, chickens will not eat anything harmful. Stupid animals get culled early.


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