Toys for ducks? Entertainment for me! What do your ducks play with?


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May 18, 2011
Today I found some bird toys at the store for 2.00 basically they are shoes strings with some large balls tied on them. They love them! Its so funny to watch them play with them. They are still inside at night until I get the pen completed so it entertains them and us in the evenings! What are some other things your ducks like to play with?
Live Feeder fish in a Kiddie Pool Is my Crested Pekin Clyde's Favorite Play Session
Other than that i would be interested to see what other duck owners come up with....
I throw peas in my ducks pool for them to dive for. They also like to act like they are terrified and run from my teeny silkie/game hen. Need to get them some goldfish soon, think that would be fun to watch. Great thread idea!
I had a buff mutt that would play with cat toys as a baby. She out grew it fast though. Peas and watermelon are alway popular.
I throw frozen peas, some days minos. Minos entertain them longer.They have a game they play on their own, were they get in the pool splash around, jump out, race each other, turn around, get back in the pool and start all over again. Lol
I know that petsmart sells feeder goldfish and they are really inexpensive. Is it bad that I would feel bad about buying dish to feed to my ducks?? I am going to stick to peas in their kiddie pool and dried meal worms. Meal worms tend to be expensive but they are a wonderful duck treat!

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