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Pineywoods Peepers

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Jun 5, 2010
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Anyone want to take a gander at these tracks and guess what they are? They were at the door of my coop. I noticed them yesterday morning when I went to open the popdoor and let the peepers out. I'm thinking they're probably bobcat tracks, but I may just be thinking that because my brother-in-law and sister-in-law (our next door neighbors) saw one in their yard last week.

I looked all over the yard and around the pen to see if I saw any more tracks like this, but these three were the only ones I found. Not sure how it managed to get all the way to the coop door without leaving any other tracks.


A friend of my brother's is supposed to come out in the morning and set out some traps for the bobcat and coyotes. Hope they catch em all!

Nice mount btw. Don't think I'll spend the dough on a mount because I need it for chicken food and another coop!
Those look like good old racoon tracks to me. You can see the elongated toes in second picture. The soft sand makes the tracks look begger than their feet really are. If that was a bobcat the tracks would be MUCH bigger.

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