9 Years
Oct 24, 2013
So today, the lamp in my incubator broke and as the incubator was in my garage, the temperature dropped to around 15%. The eggs were cold-ish when i went to move them. Are they dead? I've put a big desk light shining directly on top of the eggs in order to heat them up again. The light was hot within two minutes. Is there anything else i can do? Any help is appreciated, novice or expert advice :)
I am not a hatcher but I have read some of the comments from hatchers.

So this is 15C, about 60F. Sometimes when that happens, getting the heat back properly adjusted a.s.a.p. things are okay. But not always.

Did you candle them? Get the temperature back up to the proper temperature, make sure the humidity is right, and keep going.

Are there shards of glass in the incubator? I would get those out.
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Clear all glass, get the temp back up they will be ok. You'll see.

Light should not be directly on them you may end up cooking them
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So i went out this morning, to check on them, i had next to no sleep, to find that the temperature seemed fine.

But i found that one of my family decided to do this to "get the air circulating" as the fan inside turns off when it reaches a certain temperature.

This is the readings i got back to... since this the humidity has gone back up to a normal level.

I was a bit anxious as to whether or not the light was placed correctly, so i turned it around and it is now facing the water tub containing rocks. Is this good or should it be put back the way it was?

I decided to put the lid down so that the humidity would rise again as we're currently on day 20, so i figured high humidity was needed!

As always, feedback greatly appreciated :)
Well I would definitely candle them to make sure everyone is still alive and moving around now that you have them warmed up again. If all ok then I would not exspecf them to hatch exactly on there due date give them one extra day at least. I think your set up look GREAT.

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