Trading in the rest of the button quail!


15 Years
Jan 7, 2009
Central Pennsyltucky
So, I started out with 21 button quail chicks out of 50 eggs. One died early, then another died while we were on vacation, putting me down to 19. Then, I sold/traded 2 pair last Saturday and another pair on Tuesday. Now, I finally worked out a deal with the feed/petstore here. I was selling males for $3 and females for $5. They're willing to give $3 per bird. I'm actually thrilled with this price. Anyways, a 50lb bag of gamebird layer feed is $15.15 after taxes, so I decided to round up at least five birds to take in. After stressing over genetics, I finally have it narrowed down.
Red breasted roo (project roo)
Golden red breasted roo
two golden red breasted hens (one is a project hen)
cinnamon hen
ivory hen (project hen)
white (unknown gender)
slate (I'm 95% positive that this is a hen)

My trade-ins:
wild hen
cinnamon red breast roo
blueface roo
2 cinnamon hens

My project birds are just a weird experiment. The roo had long white down as a chick, the ivory hen had white down and the GRB hen had the long down. So, I want to see if breeding them together brings up anything funky. Probably not, but hey, no harm in trying, right?
I decided to switch the wild and the slate. I'd rather keep a definate hen than a maybe hen. I was keeping the slate because I wouldn't mind having a blueface type hen, but, well, I suppose I don't NEED any blueface genes, and as I said above, I'd rather have a definate hen over a maybe hen. The cinnamons, I had to decide which one to keep. I had a wild type, a red breast and a golden red breast, or so I believe they are. I'm keeping the GRB cinnamon.
If my white turns out to be a male, I'll trade in my golden red breasted roo, unless my little project turns out to be nothing, then I'll trade in my project roo instead. Either way, I'm excited to be getting a "free" bag of feed out of the deal. It's also really helping me downsize and decide which ones are really important (I really didn't want to part with all of them, lol). Plus, I'll be feeding them less food, and will cut back a little bit of the work cleaning up poop. Now I just have to figure out wth is going on with the coturnix. I'm totally stumped on the genders of two of the browns! I guess I'll be waiting until they're older to butcher or won't be trading any of those guys in anytime soon. So much for cutting THEIR feed bill!

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