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Okay, I've got a fantastic driving record. My very first ticket was when I was 27 and I haven't received one since then... well not until a few months ago when I got caught in a speed trap in Nevada on my way home to California from a family reunion.

So, for anybody that knows:

1) Is there any chance the speeding ticket in Nevada won't count on my insurance premiums? Would my insurance company be auto-notified?

2) How long do I have to do traffic school? Does it matter where I do it?

3) When should I (or even should I) contact my insurance company?
It should say on the ticket if you have the option of taking the school route - then your insurance won't be notified even, and your rates won't go up.

I received one ticket myself, in California.
What kind of trap? One where you got to talk to the nice ociffer, or one where you got a ticket in the mail with a link to the pic of you flying down the road?

In TN, the ones taken by camera don't get sent to the insurance company. Not the ones of minor violations anyway...
I just got my first speeding ticket in July and I had to look all this up.

In VA, you get -1 point for every year without traffic infractions, with a max of -5 points on your license. So with the 4 points from my speeding ticket, I'm still -1, so whew, no change to my insurance premiums.

Our local traffic schools cost $60 and is just an 8 hour class on a Saturday. This gives you -5 points on your license for taking traffic school.

I heard that insurance companies only spot check for these kind of traffic infractions, so they may not notice you have one. The worst thing you could do is call them up, give them your name and tell them you have a speeding ticket and ask if that will affect your premiums. Well, duh, now it will, you idiot!
It was on I-80 and they were doing construction and the speed went from 75 to 65 then 55 then 45 in a VERY short distance. I was slowing down but if I had slowed down any faster (sooner?) all the cars behind me would have plowed into us.

Anywho, I guess I'm just hoping that there is a chance that the ticket in Nevada won't be reported to my insurance in CA so my rates go up.

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