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Aug 16, 2019
Found your forum while trying to get info on setting up a hunting trail camera just like the one you have. And I shared your site with a friend who has lots of ducks...he'll be signing up tomorrow.

But, for me: I'm having real problems setting up the camera! Small things - like deleting the sd card - no idea how to do that. And the manual gives no info on other details like what's 'over write' or what's the 'NO' setting beside the image that looks like a vertical bar graph; is this the selection for the active period ... but then the setting below labeled 'timer' can also be set for an active period. IDK!

As you can tell, this is more than a little frustrating for me and I would really, really appreciate finding a site on the internet that gave better instructions than their 'instruction manual' that comes with this camera.

Really appreciate any info you or anyone out there has!
Thanks so much
To review the SD card I usually remove it and use my lap top or phone to view the images. For an iPhone I bought a ‘lightning/SD card’ adapter. Once the card is in another device you can delete the pics from there. Hope this helps.
What kind of camera is? a pic would help with exact directions.
1. timer is how long you want it to wait before taking another picture.
2. some have video and photo options.
3. some have a setting to format the sd card while in the camera some don't.
(easiest is to insert into your computer, go to my computer (open that folder) find where it says sd card, then right click on that, a little pop up will come up look for format. then choose yes you want to format the card. Wait a few seconds and boom finished.

I am a hunter we set up cameras all the time. :) hope this helps
Thanks for the responses!
I'll put the micro in a my camera to delete - great suggestion, thank you!
It's a Hunting Trail Camera Model: HC800A . Gets great reviews and I'm sure it will capture the backyard activity, but the instruction booklet is minimal.

I formatted the sd card. The camera has both video and photo options; but I chose just photo to get more out of the battery.

Problem is with setting the 'activity' period during which time the camera will take pictures. It looks like there may be 2 places where you can set this: one is the timer and the second place is the 'No' setting beside the vertical bar graph. But I am not at all sure that this second place is for setting the activity period...or something else. And it's not identified in the manual.

The 'timer' option on this model goes from a blank :blank : blank entry line then "to" followed by another 3-section entry line. Options for each blank section can be either numerals or letters. I've put in 21: 0: 0 to 7: 0: 0 Meaning I want the camera active from 9 pm to 7 am . I think this is correct, but not positive.

Have you seen a camera that has options like I've described? I appreciate all your help.
I caught a raccoon in my trap at 7:30am central this morning, just saying. :idunno May want to leave the options blank and record all the time until you get the hang of it. Yes, you get a lot of chicken pics but you won’t miss anything either.
I have not seen one with that option. I have only had a few being they last several years before having to buy new ones. I agree with the above though I would leave the time blank. Predators appear at all times, even those unexpected times.

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