Transporting fertile eggs?

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    This is my first year raising chickens, we got them at different times from april to may of 2014. My mottled java decided after laying only a couple weeks that it was time to get broody. She has been sitting on the nest for at least a week or so now and I am thinking about getting a few of my friend's fertile eggs (I don't have a rooster) and putting them under her. She lives about 30 minutes from me. Do I need to get them as soon as her hens lay and keep warm until I get back to my house and put them under my hen? If the eggs cool down do they die?

    Thanks! :)
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    Hi :welcome
    Glad you joined the flock. The eggs will be fine to cool down they don't need to be kept warm to transport. When a hen goes broody she will lay a clutch of eggs over several days or maybe more before she begins the incubation of the eggs. When an egg is laid it's not alive as such it's just fertilized and is dormant untill the correct incubation conditions are reached either by a broody hen or an incubator.
    I would transport the eggs pointy end down fat end up in eggs cartons for the journey. This way the air cell stays at the top of egg. Also if your friend is collecting eggs for you they should be stored this way too they can be collected for up to a week and will still be viable. Good luck with your broody and eggs :frow

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