Trapping a mink?


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May 2, 2012
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I have five ducks that free range all day. Yesterday one of my pekin ducks was carrying its tail low to the ground. Today when I let them out, there was blood. The others were nibbling at it a bit. When i inspected it, several feathers were bit off and there was a row of tiny puncture wounds. It looked clean as the duck had washed off the blood earlier. I applied some tree pruning sealer. I have a pond and have seen muskrats swimming in it. I also have damage to the banks from them. From my searching on here I believe I may have a mink. I can't use deadly traps because of kid,dog,ducks,chickens. I do have a live trap. What should I bait it with and how should I locate it. Thanks for reading.
What else could it be? The punctures were very small like the size of this |. I didn't see any large ones like canine teeth would make. The duck is doing good and acting normal. The wounds were not deep. This is all new to me so any help is appreciated.
use, tuna fish, raw chicken, cat food, use 1 for a week and change it up, whatever you have laying around....... i've caught possum, coons, weasels/minks using this stuff...even caught a coon last week and i had no bait in my trap(the birds stole my marshmellows 3 days before)..your better off being pre emptive.... keep your trap set 24/7.....
Could be a mink or a weasel. Both do the same thing. Both are hard to trap, but it can be done. Sardines are good, also raw chicken liver is good but don't put it out unless it's fresh. I have had the best luck in waiting up for them although you have to sit very still for a long time.
Depends, could be caught in a hav a heart trap but never tried. they are crafty critters. I would personally set a body hold trap but thats assuming your pets, kids and chickens didnt have access to the area (someone could loose a finger or toe) or another good choice would be a old fashioned spring snare. again keep others away.

I have heard good results from buring a cone shaped fish trap but that would require digging a hole in your yard.

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