Treated for mites, still shakes her head


8 Years
Apr 26, 2015
Salem Utah
Our little three week old silver laced wyandotte chick has been fully treated for ear mites after a few days of suffering with the scratching and rolling around cheeping loudly, poor little thing. I treated her and the three brooder mates for 7 days with the ear mite drops, and while she has stopped scratching and flailing about, she still shakes her head intermittently. Like every few seconds she will shake her head just a bit. It's almost like a nervous tick, but, I can't really say for sure.

What are your thoughts? Could she still have mites? I am planning to do a second round on her starting Friday, as this would be 7 days since the first round, and the instructions say it can be repeated after 7 days. I'm hoping that stops the head shaking, but, any other suggestions or experience with this would be so much appreciated.

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