Treated for worms but still weak

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    Aug 8, 2016
    Have a 6 month old buff Orpington that we noticed on thanksgiving was acting like she was off balance,wobbly when she walked and was just not acting like herself. She is normally the most active of the flock. We seperated her from the others and noticed long worms in her poop. We got medicine and treated her about week ago. Have not noticed any more worms but she still is quite not herself. Her wattle and comb are pale and she tries to jump up but she is to weak. She is eating and drinking,sometimes her poop looks normal and sometimes it is very watery and she has had a couple that are just watery looking. Is there anything else I can give her or do for her to help her recover.
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    Make sure that the cage you are keeping her in is big enough for her to walk around in. If chickens are kept confined for more than a couple days, they lose muscle mass very quickly. Also, sometimes it can help to throw them back in with the flock (as long as they're not contagious) for a few hours a day. Chickens tend to eat better when they have some competition.
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    What did you use for worm treatment? You might use some plain yogurt in her food for probiotics a few days a week. Was she vaccinated for Mareks disease? That can cause loss of balance, weakness of legs and wings, and other signs. Hopefully, it is not anything that serious. Try feeding her some chopped egg daily. Look her over for tiny bugs that may be lice or mites. Has she ever begun to lay eggs yet?

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