Treating sour crop and worms, will this strategy work....?


Sep 29, 2010
Tick tock, how long can a 5 year old hen go without drinking? Thanks to BYC forums advice, am treating her with a syringe of Miconazole 3 ( off label use of anti fungal) and yogurt twice daily, plus apple cider vinegar in her water. But she doesn’t seem to be drinking, and this is day 4 in indoor crate hospital. Not eating much either and I have tried a variety of treats. Have an herbal wormer at the ready ( Zydend A) but it seems like a long term flock strategy, not an urgent one, and I haven’t started it yet. She has stayed responsive so far, and quiet. When the whole thing began, we managed a seemingly healthy “vomit”, but the crop is still soft. Is there anything wrong here with my process, anything else I might do for Zelda ( she’s earned a name this week )?
Thank you!
This is an excellent article on crop disorders.
Unfortunately crop disorder is often a symptom of other health problems, reproductive tract problems for example.
If your hen has worms then you need a proper wormer, a herbal wormer is not going to address the problem. Something like Fenbendazole, or Flubendazole is needed.
Ideally a chicken should drink water every day. If you are treating for a crop disorder then flushing the crop with lots of water, 500 ml per treatment would be the minimum I would aim for with an average sized chicken.
Here's an article on how to tube feed.
To anyone dealing with this issue, there are TONS of posts about using Fenbenzadole (wormer) and Miconazol ( antifungal), both off-label for chickens. The antifungal is involved with the sour crop treatment and the wormer for the underlying cause of the sour crop. It took a bit of time to find the dosages since there are various versions of the meds. Hoping these BYC links will help others. Stay tuned for how it works out for us, midway through antifungal treatment and (regrettably ) just now starting the wormer. dosage&tab=618

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