Treats for Baby Chicks


6 Years
Apr 28, 2013
Hi everyone,

Does anyone have a favorite treat that they have been successful in feeding their baby chicks? Do you feed them chick grit, no matter what the treat may be?

You might try mealworms or hard boiled egg. Other than that I don't give chicks anything other than a balanced grower feed till they're at least 10 weeks of age and then treats are limited to 5% of the total diet or what they find foraging.

Chicks are really tiny and don't eat much. The grower feed is formulated for optimal chick nutrition based on many decades of intensive research. Only feeding fresh grower assures they won't have any nutritional deficiency related health issues.
At about 2-2 1/2 weeks I started giving mine dried mealworms--they checked the worms out like they were aliens...then figured out they were tasty. They now go absolutely nuts when I shake the bag. They are on sand for bedding in the brooder so they have built-in grit already, but the dried mealworms don't require much grit to digest I think. They sort of crumble up like rice crispies! I figure they kind of 'dissolve' in their guts:) Either way, they are almost a month old and growing like weeds.

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