Tree Fell on Coop:(


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Jun 13, 2011
We just finished our beautiful coop about a month ago. I got a call from my neighbor last night (I wasn't home) saying a tree fell on the coop! I was so scared that something happened to my chickens!!! My hubby and I jumped into the car, and his best friend grabbed his chainsaw and followed right behind us.

I got home and ran to the coop to do a head count. All 15 chickens were in the run, unharmed. My coop was in rough shape, it made me cry to think of how scary that was for the chickens, and how much work we just put into it. We ended up getting the tree off, and we had to cut the front two support legs ( the back two had broken already) so the coop would be level for the night. Then I carefully lifted each frightened chicken and placed them back into the coop.

Today we had to clear all of the tree limbs and debris, take off the damaged roof, and jack the coop up on car jacks to try to get it back into it's original place. I am so super bummed, but feeling so grateful that my girls (and Mr. Man, my loyal rooster) are all okay. We will put temporary roof on for the night, and work tomorrow to build the roof, since we could have the hurricane coming to our area.

All of this after we made it through untouched by the June 1st tornadoes in Western Massachusetts, and had only minimal damage from the July 26th microburst. Oh, and did I mention my husband got into a head-on collision at 50 mph two weeks ago, and had no broken bones??? (He is injured, but no broken bones!!!) Luckily his brother and best friend came to help us out, since he is still out of work from his injuries. All in all, we are safe, our animals are we are grateful. With all that has happened this summer, it could have been much worse. I am grateful.
You positively have someone looking out for guys. Glad to hear your chickens are all right, and your husband as well. Well wishes from us to you.
It could have been very much worse.....
i'm glad your chickens are all safe and it is sad that your hard work was damaged but you can fix it and you won't have to worry about that tree falling on it again....
Oh what a bummer~ I am amazed and happy your flock got out and is all well. We're neighbors, scarey stuff this year huh? Now every time the weather turns bad I go right into tornado thought! Sorry to hear of your husband's accident! I would hate to rebuild after just building. Yuck. I hope all goes well when you do.
It's crazy how much our lives have been changed this year due to weather. I mean everyone in our area, it has changed us all, we are all a lot more on edge since the tornadoes. Thanks for the well wishes everyone. My family (animals included) are all so lucky. A lot of bad things happened this summer, but we all came out of it okay.
We had one of those microbursts and a huge tree split at the y and half fell on my goat house and killed a yearling doe. And two others were trapped inside but ended up being ok. Nature can be scary, and lethal.
Wow you've had your share of back luck...and wonderful blessings. Sounds like you have a positive attitude, which sure helps when so many things go wrong. Hope your husband heals quickly and your coop is repaired fast so you can have some peace of mind.
Thanks. It has taken a while for me to develop my positive attitude, but I swear things always seem better when I am positive about them. And my family is lucky, it has been the summer of, "close calls." The coop is rebuilt, so that my chickens have a safe place to ride out Irene.

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