Trials And Tribulations Of Suburban Meat Bird Production


May 23, 2016
Pacific Northwest

well today was D-day for this group. this was week 9. I do have some interesting things to report. there were no blisters on their feet. all around, the use of potting soil is a winner! It has all summer to dry and turned out to be very absorbent, helping to keep things nice and dry and keep the smell down. I'm sure the aerobic bacteria it came with helped. 32 made it to harvest, a record so far. I will have weights in a couple of days when they finish resting in the four coolers on the back deck. I plan to vacuum seal them using a food saver and load up my freezers, fingers crossed I have enough room. the big win this time around was getting a tip that there is a feed store up in Conway WA that sells organic grower formula at basically wholesale prices. sure enough they sell organic feed at about 40 cents a pound, that's less than half what I've been paying. I am very curious to see what the actual price per lb of meet turns out to be.
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