Trouble with Turn X - Automatic turner not strong enough?


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Jul 23, 2009
Woodinville, WA
I set up my Turn-X incubator with auto turn and ran it without eggs for a day. It was turning just fine. But now that the eggs are in, it appears the motor is not strong enough? It tries to turn, but can't move the dome. Is there anything I can do (besides manual turning)?!

The instructions for the TX-6 are very detailed. My only suggestion would be to go back over the egg turner assembly part and double check everything. I did notice that the eggs are supposed to have the small ends pointed toward the center. And I would make sure that the loading is balanced...that is if the incubator is not full, make sure the eggs are evenly distributed around the ring. Maybe the turner is overloaded? Will it turn if you take some out? Be sure none of the eggs are catching against the incubator holding the turner back.

I know that's not really the help you need, but maybe someone will come along who has lots of experience with the Turn-X TX-6 or TX-7.

I wish you and your eggs well.
Thanks, I have noticed that when I turn manually, some of the eggs do seem to be getting caught and not turning correctly. Maybe I should try taking some out. I don't think my chickens' eggs are terribly large or anything, but maybe it can't handle 18 of them.

I'm certain I have it set up right, and yeah, the small ends are pointed toward the center. It was turning without the eggs, so maybe fewer would work. I think for this run, I'll be turning them myself, but maybe next time I'll try fewer eggs. If that doesn't work, I have to think there might be something wrong with the motor on the egg turner assembly. I did buy it second hand. The owner said it had only been used once, but maybe the motor was damaged.
Hi, I have a few Marsh/Lyon's TX's and maybe I can be of help.

Does your turner have a red button? They have a less expensive turner for the classroom and it does not turn every hour but turns a little at a time and takes 2 hours.

Do you have the wire mesh in the correct holes? Do you have the tape on the bottom side of the cover and the Blue tray? It helps the dome turn easier.

I have 18 eggs in my incubator and the turner has no problems at all to turn them. If you have tried everything then I would have to say that there is a problem with the auto turner. I have had these incubators for over 20 years and I have never had problems with the incubators but the turners have a limited lifespan.

Thanks, Nancy! This looks like a very good troubleshooting list of things to check.

My turner does have a red button. What does this mean?

I will check on the wire mesh. You mean what the eggs are sitting on? It appears to be assembled correctly, but I'll double check. I don't have tape on anything, so this sounds like it could be the problem! Am I supposed to wrap those edges that contact each other in some kind of tape to make things slide more easily?

Thanks again,
Hi Shannon, There are two different types of turners. Since I do not have a picture of yours, I do not know what I am working with. The one w/ the red button "should" turn every hour on the hour. It is VERY accurate. Then there is another turner, a cheaper version for the schools. It takes a little over 2 hours for one revolution. I was just wondering if it was this version as it seems weaker if you will.

Yes, the mesh will have 4 holes that sit into the blue bottom. Make sure it is set up properly and sitting correctly. There is also another larger hole for the wick to go into.

There is usually tape that you cut into 3 or 4 pieces and put on the rim of the blue bottom where the lid sits on so that the lid can turn more smoothly if you will. I am not sure what they call it but you can order it from Lyon's. It is not really tape but more like thick plastic. Sorry, I cannot describe it.

If all of these things fail then it is the turner. Like I said, they do not last forever. I think it was described to me that the gears get worn and it does not work properly. Good Luck!



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