True Black and Blue Ameraucana Hatching eggs for sale


11 Years
Jun 26, 2008
Greencastle, IN
I have a dozen+ Ameraucana hatching eggs for sale. These eggs are from my two groups of Ameraucanas. I have a black rooster with black and blue hens. I also have a blue rooster with black hens. All of my birds meet the Ameraucana standards. I got them from a great breeder in Indiana and I am a member of the Ameraucana Breeders Club. I went to a show last October and we did very well. Here are some pictures of my eggs and my black rooster. I am asking $20 for the eggs and shipping will be $15. Please pay with paypal. More pictures can be seen on our website

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Clay In Iowa

11 Years
Oct 9, 2008
Near Wilton Iowa
If the bator wasn't already full of Wheaten/Blue Wheaten and Split Lavender Ameraucanas I'd consider these.

My in laws live just south of Greencastle so we pass through every time we visit. Might have to arrange to pick a few up some time.


Oh your in box is full.

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