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    I am new to this and it is really confusing when you get conflicing information let me try this..If I start with pure coronation roo and a light sussex hen call them group "A" ......the offspring would be 25% Coronation,50%split and 25%Light this would be group "B"from these you take a coronation hen from this group.. to the coronation roo from group "A" and you would have pure coronation? I thought the coronation hen from group "B" would still carry the light sussex traits and .. group "C" would be some variation of coronation ,split and lights.

    This is why the need for 5 generations to get to pure coronation 100% I feel totally lost thank you for your responce and knowledge
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    Two generations will give you birds who are pure for the lavender gene (lav/lav). Lavender dilutes all pigment in the chicken's plumage--diluting black to lavender, red is also diluted, but is not an issue with these varieties. I would assume that the lavender trait is fairly new to sussex, so the birds OTHER traits may need working on--correcting body type, wing carriage, eye colour, etc. (don't know what if any issues exist--just listing examples of things that could be issues). It is also possible that the original cross removed too much black from hackles and other places it is needed,so getting the colour back into those areas might be an issue. However, getting lavender in is no longer a concern once you see it in the bird.
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