Trying to figure out wats her breed type

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7 Years
May 27, 2012
springfield ma
Got her at a poultry market. Such a sweet mellow girl compared to my barred rock rooster ...does any know what mix she can possibly be pretty new to the chicken world lol;)ud
I am concerned about the way she is standing in the picture - her tail is down, tucked. Then how she's laying in the other picture. Well, if you have other birds, I would keep her quarantined until you know she is healthy. (Mellow is nice, but can be because she is ill.)

She's a pretty bird. Looks like she has a rose or pea comb. She could be a mix or you could look for breeds that have those combs and you might find she's a pure breed. In the two pictures I'm unable to really get a sense of her coloration or if she has fluff around her face (like an easter egger would).
Shes new but sems to have a deformed beak structure the top beak isnt alighned with the bottom she has some dark dots around her neck on the the roosters below her mayb that why i though t its down shes seems to b pretty healthy wen i let her out but keeps puuting her tailfeathers down wen the barred rock that normal?ps she doesnt seem to have any will to peck the roo back.she rather walk away...ill try to post more picshere if possible
is she squatting for him? The beak might be a type of crossbeak. I don't see any pictures but I saw your other post...
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