Trying to figure out what breed I have


5 Years
Mar 9, 2014
I have purchased a dozen fertile eggs from my local chicken farm. I was told they were Rhode Island red (female) and a White Leghorn (male). Is there a name for this breed or would it be a mutt?
Just like with dogs, you can't cross a beagle with a German Shepherd and get a German Beagle. The result is a mutt.

Some crosses have fancy names, like a Tetra Tint is a Rhode Island Red male X White Leghorn female, bred by Tetra corporation. But no matter what the name is, it's still a mixed breed bird.

Your birds will be white with red leakage, and be great layers of large, lighter brown eggs.
It's a mutt, but often a very, very productive one. Although hatcheries may give these mixes/mutts/hybrids "names" it is just to differentiate one mix from another. To be a breed, a bird has to bred to BE that breed and only that breed.

If you're after egg layers? I'd say you'll probably like your new birds very much. Of course, when hatching eggs, the odds are you'll also end up with bunch of cockerels.
Thank you. Yes, the eggs in the incubator are about the size of a normal white egg ( maybe just slightly smaller ) but are brown.

Hopefully they will be friendly enough for the kids!
Yes we are looking for egg layer's and unfortunately I am not able to keep any males where we live so they will be availible if anyone in the san diego county are is looking for some.

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