Trying to gather all the info I can on mites. Please advise


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
Portland, OR
The coop is cleaned once a week and sprinkled with DE. The run is HUGE with sand and dirt mixed with pumice. It is partially covered with their dust bathing hole has just started to get DE added to it now that I know they have mites.

I have 20 chickens and don't think I'm about to give them all a bath and then a DE sprinkle after. I also DO NOT want to treat them with chemicals. I know that they breed rapidly and can hurt my bird's overall health in the long run. So, here's some questions:

1. Mites are extremely common, right? So treating the chickens will probably only work for a short time before I would need to treat again... true or false?

2. Is it possible to not treat them, and just keep things clean and aired out etc. Will this keep numbers down and be "ok" or will they inevitably be a problem?

3. Is it possible for chickens NOT to get mites?

The discovery of these little creepers has put a serious damper on my chickens lovey dovey time and none of us are happy about it. I need to figure this out.

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