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    Mar 6, 2012
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    These are our first hens, so I'm obviously new at this. Our three hens are a little over a year old. It seems they have mostly adapted well to their new home. They came from a more free-ranging environment with a large flock to our house with more limited space (although our backyard is about 90x90, so lots of free space available). We have a coop with a 4x8 run and 4x4 hen house. I let them free-range in our backyard as often as I can--over an hour the past few days--and I throw yard and kitchen scraps into their run for them to scratch through. Egg production has been good.

    However, our Barred Rock (the other two are a Buff and an Ameraucana) sometimes seems stressed out. She appears to be the most dominant of the three as well as the friendliest. But I often see her pacing around the door of the run kind of squawking to herself. Occasionally she gets into these loud squawks that would rival a dog barking. Once she's free-ranging around the yard, she's as happy as can be. It's like she just doesn't like the confinement of the coop.

    I feel like she may still be adjusting to her new home, but her behavior is so much different than the other two that I wonder if this is some kind of excessive stress. Any thoughts? Should I try give her more to do in the run? Free-range more? Is she just conditioning me for mealworms and free-range time? [​IMG]

    Here's a picture of the coop. I feel like it's adequate space for three hens, along with free-range opportunities as well.

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    Hello! Welcome to BYC!!!

    The more I have chickens, the more I feel like more space is better for them. How often do you let them out of their "free range" area? Even though it's only 3 chickens, that's still a very small space. Once they know a larger area - they never want to stay confined. If they weren't raised in that box and know anything else - they're going to want to be out of there to explore and stretch their wings.

    My barred rocks are the loudest, most bossy birds I have, and I love both of them terribly.
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    Thanks! I'm trying the hanging cabbage today.

    itsy, the barred rock is definitely our favorite. She may be vocal but she's certainly the most outgoing.
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