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Bigtom Turkey

Nov 29, 2020
So, some context as of about a week and a half ago we lost a goat kid to the cold:hit. So I used my thinker and thought it would be a good idea to place the dead kid on the outskirts of the property to keep the predators at bay *face palm*. So now I have a coyote problem; they are coming onto the property so far not killing but I am worried for my animals. I am looking for ideas how how to keep them away not kill (although I am not against it) but just try to keep a balence betwen my animals and the wild animals.

In case this info helps I have:
2 goats
3 rabbits
8 chickens
4 ducks
and gonna be 3 turkeys
Can you trap the coyote?

If the predator is coming onto the property it’s only a matter of time before it gets what its looking for.

Do you have any dogs?

Killing or trapping a coyote shouldn’t mess with the natural cycle of things.
Yeah, we do have dogs a german sheperd dog that wights 115lbs but they are in a fence so they don't leave. I thought about trapping it but we can't find traps for cheap. I have the foot traps but don't want risk catching a barn cat. I was kinda hoping there was like plant or color or something to deter them that way.
As mentioned, there are people who trap and/or kill coyotes for you. I’m sure you can find a contact info for someone in your area via social media or Google 🤷‍♀️

But you definitely wanna act fast because they won’t leave.
Shooting them down one by one will deter them I think 🤔
Is there a way to, like, let my dog pee on the fece? Would that do anything?>
It's a possibility. My lab if he sees any type of animal come near the yard he chases it off but I know he couldn't stand a chance with a pack of coyotes, but he pees all over our trees and we have never seen a coyote so it may be a deter for coyotes.

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