Trying to sell some Guineas in MA/RI, no luck, any ideas?

MA Mama

8 Years
Jan 21, 2012
Hello! I have 6 Pearl and Pearl Pied one week old guineas for sale for $50. I put them on craigslist, with no luck at all. I tried to post a classified on BYC but it says I have an open classified already (I don't). I just can't seem to sell them! Is my price too high? Is there another outlet I should try? Should I re-advertise them as "tick hunters"? I am in SE Massachusetts, if anyone knows anything local I could try, I'd appreciate the suggestions.
That does help, because I feel better that my price is right on... it is $50 for the lot of 6.
Post flyers on all of the bulletin boards at all your local feed and farm stores, and if you have a local radio station that broadcasts live a swapshop program (or has a swapshop website), advertise there too.

$50 for how many keets? I sell my week old keets for $5 each, or $4 each if they buy 12 or more.

And YES, defintely use tick/pest control as an advertising angle!
Oooohhhh feed store post! Seems so obvious but I hadn't thought of it. Great idea! Thanks!
I didn't notice that we posted at the same time, but IMO... your asking price for 6 keets is probably why you haven't sold them yet. A high price does usually assure that they will go to a good home, to people that will appreciate and take care of them, but you may be feeding them a long time before you sell them at that price
That price seems a bit high. I paid $5.00 each for my keets last year here in NH and they were the same price this year as well. If they were an unusual color you might be able to get more but not for the pearl grey's and pieds. So hope this helps. and definitely go to the feed stores with fliers, use a picture to help grab attention as well.
Last year, we couldn't GIVE our keets away. Tried all the usual places....Craig's list.....feed stores, etc, but nothing. Finally found someone who bought our 12 keets for $40. We were actually glad to make anything at all on the deal....we just wanted them to have a good home.

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