trying to seperate my BR pullets from the packing peanuts HELP


9 Years
Feb 14, 2010
I have several black chicks in this shippment. I should have 2 BR pullets. But im not positive I have them pinpointed. There are two chicks with yellow on there head Two far right) and the wing feathers appear to be black tipped w/ white. I think these are the BR's The others wings appear to be black. Can anyone tell me if Im right? Also what are the black packing peanuts? (all the other Black chicks)
The two chicks with the white spots on the head is definately Barred Rocks. The two reddish ones are Rhode Island Reds. I don't know about the other ones due to the fact that there are many different breeds that have the same color chicks.
Yea. Ive identified the two RIR, There are two white leghorns. two Buffs, Two BR and two silkies. Got all them just cant make out the black chics. Thanks for your help, keep em coming.

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