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  1. NewCluck

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    Mar 18, 2016
    Northern Illinois
    I wife and I purchased an approximately three week old silkie at the Fond Du Lac swap (I know, I know but happy wife = happy life).

    Since that time, she and her Polish buddy we also purchased have experienced some rather frightening troubles.
    What I'm looking for is a possible diagnosis and if/when she can come out of quarantine.
    Here's a rough timeline:

    Day one: came home, adjusted to surroundings and was quarantined with the polish, took to food and water right away.

    Day five: both chicks seem a little lethargic, but are still eating and drinking. They seem to be keeping their eyes closed a lot.

    Day seven: the silkie is having difficulty opening her eyes at all. The polish seems fine.

    Day ten: went to vet, both birds got vitamin shots and now applying Terramycin to eyes of both birds and offering electrolyte water in addition to regular water. Both birds still eating and drinking.

    Day twelve: polish takes a sudden turn for the worse and begins gasping and is unable to eat or drink. Got some baby bird formula and a syringe to feed her.

    Day thirteen: despite my wife's all-night vigil the polish passes away. The silkie cannot open her eyes without help and the Terramycin seems to be ineffective.

    Day fourteen: the silkie's eyes look almost as if they've turned to goo. She eats and drinks but I'm certain she's blind.

    Today: the silkie seems fine other than her eyes.

    Anyone seen something like this?
    How much longer should she be quarantined?
    Should I get her a new buddy to help her out?

    Additionally, I have no issues making her (and possible friend) indoor birds if necessary.

    Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. SuperChickRuth

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    Feb 11, 2016
    Oh, that's a lot to go through!

    Just a couple questions,

    What do you mean by "quarantine"? Where do you have her right now?

    Did the vet say it was an eye infection or....? And is there discharge from the eye?

    Depending on what it is, I would get her a companion, but make sure she's not going to be picked on. And if she is blind, make sure she keeps eating and drinking.

    From what I've read, blind chickens can be outside, and live sorta like a normal chicken, but if you are going to have her outside, I'd diffidently get her a companion.


    (Also, if she gets weak again, I'd get Nutri-Drench for her. It's really helped our chicks when they're going downhill.)
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  3. NewCluck

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    Mar 18, 2016
    Northern Illinois
    By quarantine I mean she is indoors separated from our other birds, we use a rabbit hutch for the little ones after the brooder.

    The vet didn't really give me a conclusive answer, he kind of waffled between infection, unknown disease, etc.

    The eyes never had any discharge.

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