TSC employees here are just no help....


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There is one. I repeat ONE employee we like at tractor. Everytime we go there, she gives us the best us help, lets us know what's good, what's bad, and if any other stores (INCLUDING THE BIGGEST LOCAL RIVALS) have something that's cheaper or better.

Ask any others and all we get is "I dunno." *turns to another employee* "You know?" "I dunno either" "Welp we dunno, sorry" then they blow us off.

We had this exact thing happen a couple days ago too. Asked the employee we like about when they're getting chicks in. She was told by her boss, that night or next morning. Go there a couple days later we didn't see her so asked another employee and we get the whole "I dunno" routine.

Might just be because we're in Duh-nnellon, Flori-duh. Though knowing those employees... the box of chicks might be sitting at the post office from a couple days ago (which is just on the other side of the shopping center)...

Oh, and question. Has anyone noticed their tractor supply chick days setup getting smaller?

Couple years ago, the local one had a HUGE set up with about 10 of the steel troughs and a couple rubbermaid stock tanks, all in a big wooden "shed" inside the store. Had every breed that's listed on the online notice. Last year, they had about 5 steel bins, 2 for ducks, 3 for assorted straight run chickens, and a tiny one for a handful of bantams. This year... they have 3 steels bins set up...
I get that here too. Or I get the "Well that is what everyone else does" after I say that I am looking for something else and NOT what everyone else is doing.
Yeah I get that here in Syracuse, too. I threatened to take my business to Country max down the road, when they gave me grief about loading my car. I have a bad back and it's hard for me. Plus they only know the store they don't know squat about farming. Here these are city kids they may not have ever seen a grown chicken.

As for chick days, I couldn't care less. By the time you get them, those chicks have been handled by God know who. Plus I ain't into GC's and RIR's. They may be shorter or less but alot of us are ordering or hatching our own and getting what we want and not what they force on us.
Heck when I started, Lee's feed, said they couldn't order me an assortment of breeds. Guess what I did and it was their loss. Most likely I'll never order from a hatchery again, thought they are good for commercial breeds.
Some of the employees at my local TSC are great and some are not. Some employees at my local Lowes are great and some are not. Most of my neighbors are great but there is one....
I get the distinct impression TSC doesn't provide much if any training and you get lucky if you get an employee that has any experience. Our TSC is in a town between a big city and rural nowhereness. You can always tell which side which employees come from and most of them grew up in town and know practically nothing about what they are selling. Last time I was at ours I was looking for a tumbling composter and was surprised that none of the employees had ever heard of a composter that can be turned at all. One of them was excited that they recently got their first compoter, but it was just a dark container that just sits there, which is hardly worth the cost, imo, since you can easily build something similar with much cheaper materials that can handle more waste.

I've never seen chicks at ours, but they do get rabbits (pet breeds) and guinea pigs in the spring. They're probably starting to get some in now.
I have 3 friends who work at TSC and from them, I get the other side ... people who just buy scratch for chickens instead of actual chicken feed, buy stuff for electric fencing w/o realizing they need a charger, etc...
My local TSC employees are so-so.
Some help some dont.
As for people buying things wrong, thats when the employees need to step in and help. Ask if they have everything they need, including the proper feed,etc.
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Okay... We went to a different TSC, this one in an urban area (the one we go to is about 90% rural/farm comunity)... all employees there knew exactly what they were talking about...

Worst think I noticed with our TSC, they have a stack of chicken feed... and it's leaning at a 45* angle... told them and they were just like "Eh, it'll be okay".
I like our local TSC store, the employees know me cause I'm there weekly and sometimes 2-3 times a week. They know what I want and if they don't have it in the front, they know where it is in the backroom! The store is clean and I can buy a bit cheaper at the local farm store but it's harder for me to get into that store vs. I work in town with the TSC so I buy there over my lunch break!
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