TSC Mystery Special....found marked as PULLET/egger bin-WHAT ARE WE???


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Jan 25, 2011
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LOL I love to point and laugh and check out the competition at TSC each year. And as per every year it gets worse and worse....they have the RED bin (could be a rir nhr or SL) and then the mystery PULLET bin and then the BANTY BIN and then the WE DONT KNOW WHAT THE HECK IT IS BUT ITS A PULLET bin and then THE WE GOT SHUFFLED AROUND BIN.... LOL. They dont even know at my store anyhow what HATCHERY they are coming from, let alone breeds (and I LIVE IN A SMALL RURAL TOWN!)
Now I need another chick like....well we always need more chicks right!?!?!....so I scooped these up from the mystery pullet bin (they dont have it marked that way but when you talk to them you realize how HARD it is for them to LABLE their chicks. But this one has me stumped as is it not a breed I deal with myself...thats why I got them, thinking of keeping them to ad to my personal flock. Yup I grabbed 20 of them! LOL
They are full sized chickes...feather footed, yellow (no smudging on backs etc) and the tips of their little wing feathers look to be coming in grey/black.
I was thinking they were coming to have columbian marking-or be brahmins??? Not a breed I ever deal with. What is your idea to what they are???? I have hunted thru my books/hatchery sites/pics till my eyes are about to pop out...if it wasnt for size Id say some sort of cochin banty...but they are full sized chicks. HMMMMM??????? And we KNOW TSC doesnt sell MUTTS. Love to hear your take on what these TSC mystery (to me anyhow) egg laying pullets are. LOL At least they are CUTE. Me, who deals with many breeds and 100's of chickens feels DUMB RIGHT NOW! LOL HELP!

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My first thought was Standard Cochins....but I just cant imagine TSC of all places getting those in...most hatcheries dont even carry them. I was HOPING
they were brahmins!! But when I looked at some sites they show the LIGHT brahams as grey smudged chicks.....hmmmmm??? Anyone have pics of baby brahmans...both buff light and dark??
Look at their combs. They're small, but if you gently part the fluff between the eyes you'll see them. If they're slightly bumpy, they're Brahmas. If they're like a sawtooth edge, they're Cochins.
i think a lot of TSC stores in the southeast get their chicks from Privett. my store has a bin for "featured breed" and it's the Light Brahma(straight run tho).....i have enough standards...I am going for bantams if I get any
Was looking at these chicks last night, and the Murray McMurry catalog shows chicks of way different colors for the breeds that SEEM logical. I am almost sure it is NOT a cochin, wrong in many ways of the cochins I have had. It's a feather-legged Deleware, but there is NO such thing. Hum, too. Has to be a Brahma, but again they are usually NOT yellow. I swear, it looks more like a Wheaten Marans than anything I can see in the catalog. I hope you update us, you have me curious. HenZ

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