Turkey acting Strang help


May 19, 2016
I have a full grown male and female turkey set, a few dozen of chickens, 7 ducks, and one Guinea. I feed all the bird this morning, watered, and made sure they where all OK like normal. I went out at noon and my male turkey(we named him Zeus) was standing on a bloody carcass of a chicken making a low noise I've never heard. There was blood on his beak but yet their feed bin was half full. Our female turkey doesn't let Zeus breed her, was he "breeding" the chicken. We've had heat strokes, natural causes, pit bull attacks, but never this. I don't know what to do will he act like a pit bull and go kill more because he tasted blood or did he just freak out and show agressive dominance or what. I don't know what to do to him. I know he's scared of me and the Guinea but that's it. Do I put him in a different pin or what.


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Jul 16, 2015
I've had turkeys kill chickens, that's why I keep my turkeys separately. Sometimes a turkey gets a idea in it's head and they don't drop it. I have seen them hyperfocus on chickens and go after them relentlessly. It's hard to be sure if it killed it because turkeys will also attack dead or dying birds too. I recommend separate housing, turkeys are fine with other poultry species until their not. My turkey hens can be just as bad, and sometimes worse than the toms.

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