turkey flock reduction sale

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    We have for sale bronze heritage turkeys that were hatched in early march of 2011, most are females and only a few males. they are almost ready for thanksgiving, sorry but don't know how to add pictures to add, could somebody show me how?. Thank you.
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    first take the pictures
    trasfer pictures to your pc in a place you know (My Pictures)
    Log in BYC

    go to the place you want to upload the pics
    click postreply

    on the very top on the page there is a link named Uploads ..click it
    a new page will open
    on your left side is a blank space and next to it a browse button
    click ...browse

    this will take you to your computer system
    find the pics in the place you saved them
    select one at the time with a double click
    make sure the resize image? is checked
    select 640x480(for mesage boards)
    than click sumit
    your picture will be sumited depending on the size of the picture in may take few minutes
    you will get 2 links
    one is
    the second is
    select the image link copy and paste it where you want the pictures to appear

    hope this helps

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