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    First - I've never hatched or incubated anything :) I've been doing some reading here, but maybe I need more coffee, but I have a few questions...

    A friend of mine is currently trying to incubate/hatch some of his turkey eggs (slate hens, bronze tom), and I guess he's having issues. He's had one hatch with "the guts on the outside", and one that hatched out and wouldn't get off it's back, and would flip over every time he righted it.

    He's using one of those styrofoam incubators with the turner - Hovabator? From reading, I'm guessing the humidity was lower than good the last days, hence the "guts" poult? What would cause the one that flipped to....flip?

    He's getting frustrated, and I might see if I can give it a whirl here at my house with his eggs and incubator (he's like a second dad to me, and we share the same love of all poultry, to the consternation of our spouses :) )

    Also, could anyone point me to some threads that talk about turkey incubating? I'm having a hard time searching them out :)

    Thanks in advance!
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    I raise midget whites and get 90 to 100% to develop and hatch. I use a genesis 1588. Humidity 30% until lockdown when I raise it to 50%. I use a turner. No temp adjustments. 99.5 all the way through. My babies hatch vigorously with no deformities. The trick for me has been hen nutrition. Proper nutrition is essential to hatching out healthy turkey poults.

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