turkey hen died, then another one died help please


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sunday i had a year old hen die. two weeks ago i treated her for a sinus infection. she looked fine sat, sun morning she looked a little down, sun evening dead. mon another hen started looking a little down, wormed them with wazine, tues hen was holding wing feathers towards the ground, this evening got her out of the pen she does sat there on the ground, breathing was very slow and then she died. what could be going on. first was a royal palm, second a bourbon red. both toms are fine, no signs of anything being wrong. i bought these birds from a individual two months ago. they have been penned by them selves. i belive some sort of breathing problem. she looks fine other than being dead. thanks for any help........
Sorry about your losses. What did you treat them with for the sinus issue? 1 cc of Tylan 50 or 200 for adults injected under skin etc.. works best. If these 2 came from the same place, they could have brought it with them so I would make sure to disinfect anything that touched where they were at. Second, by chance were there chickens kept near them, or in a pen you are using now once have chickens? Black head diease is a problem sometimes when chickens and turkeys are kept in close quarters. It won't make them have breathing problems however, BH makes them depressed, pick at food but not really eat, drink more water, have a sulfur poo color and sometimes a darkening around the face and neck. Respiratory illness can travel quickly between birds or harbor itself for months until times of stress. Goopy eyes, swollen sinus, open mouth breathing, wheezing in lungs, water eyes or nose can all be symptoms.
I'd not want to hazard a guess given the turk's lack of hx and paucity of symptoms prior to death. Since you have quite a few other birds, I'd strongly advise getting a necroscopy performed.

A couple of links with ph. #'s in TN that might be helpful: http://www.vet.utk.edu/diagnostic/index.php

. disease reading: http://www.amerpoultryassn.com/respiratory_disease.htm

one of the toms becomes symptomatic it would be best to have a plan (ice bird/deliver to lab/etc.).

Good luck!
gave them tylan 50 by mouth for five days. they were in a 10x10 dog pen. i moved it every two days to give them fresh grass to eat. i have 20 chickens and 24 giuneas all free rainging all over the yard. i belive they brought whatever it is with them. i have a local vet who does the npip, and can also go to a lab in nashville to due a autopsy, blood test ect. i will be calling her in the am. niether hen showed any signs of being sick until the day they died. no color changes nothing. fine one day, and down and out the next.
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Since you have had them two months and they have been isolated that is strange. They all came from the same buyer? I'm guessing the turkey pen has been in an area where the chickens and guineas have been. What did the droppings look like?

Was the tylan administered by water? I'm not sure if it would have an effect on them, but maybe too much medication given? Its only a few grams of tylan per 5 gallons of water. Just a thought, though i don't know if it would have killed them, or even that quickly.
same buyer, yes. wife says we have had them for 5 weeks. i also have a 6 month old jake that was hatched with chicks and has been here free rainging with the chickens and guineas. goes into the coop with all of them. he was here running around before i got these turkeys. i traveled an hour and a half one way to get these turkeys. oh there poop is mostly blk. i have a very big yard and guineas ventrue off on to the rest of the family farm most of the time
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give it to them by mouth over a week ago. 4 ccs to the royal palm hen and 2 ccs to a 3 monthold bronze. for three days. tylan 50 the red bourbon didnt get anything. didnt show any signs of being sick the little one seems fine

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