Turkey poults not hatching

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    Jul 12, 2016
    I've got one of my incubators full of turkey and guinea eggs. They're supposed to hatch at the same time (day 28, give or take.)The guineas are all hatching, but the poults aren't. I candled the Poult eggs and it looks like they are still a week away from being fully developed. The bottom 1/3 of the eggs are still clear, But the embryos aren't dead they are still moving around inside. This is my first time hatching out turkeys. Anybody have any input on this?
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    Turkey eggs are usually about a day behind Guinea eggs, but being your guinea eggs are hatching----your turkey eggs should be dark----not seeing a embryo moving---should be a fully formed chick in the egg at this stage. Just have to give them a little more time.

    For me I would not know how the inside of the turkey egg looked until at least a day after all the guinea eggs have hatched----I am a hands off hatcher and would not open the incubator during the hatch because here---""where I live""---doing that Does effects the hatch of some of the others. Good Luck

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