Turning eggs in a incubator?


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Jun 17, 2009
How do I keep my eggs turned 3 times a day and the temp and humidity stable if i have 24 turkey eggs to turn im worried?
I was worried about this with my last batch of eggs (duck & some chicken eggs).

Every time i opened the incubator to turn the eggs, I would mist them all as soon as i was finished turning. I always kept my humidity at a constant 50-61%...but still misted the eggs every time i opened it up.

All but 2 infertile duck eggs hatched and i still have a few left that are due very soon!!

they're all growing great too!

ALSO: I kept my humidity the same all the way through hatching, and i still misted every time i opened the bator. it was a staggered hatch.
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