Turning to the experts here to help me with what I got


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Oct 11, 2010
Garfield AR
Here are some pics of my birds. Could someone please tell me what breeds they are? When I bought them at the feed store the fella didn't know. Got 6 ladies and 1 rooster which was given to me. The hens just started laying about week and a half ago. Thank you.





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The ladies are red sex links. Not sure what the roo is. He's handsome though! He could be a red sex link also, but the red sex link males I've seen have more red on their wings.
The roo MIGHT be a white plymouth rock? he def doesn't look like a leghorn! I agree, the hens are red sex-links. Mine were called golden comets.
I don't think he's a white rock, they are supposed to have yellow legs and this guy has white. He *might* be a white Orp as they do have white legs.
Then hens look like a red sex link, and you will love them! Great little layers. Maybe the rooster is a sex link too. I think the males turn out white.

Very nice chickens!
Pretty sure they're ALL Sex Links, including the roo. Standard Sex Link cockerels usually have more red on them, but your hens being golden could quite easily make that the cockerel there won't carry red. There are a lot of sex-link "recipes" out there, after all.
Yup the hens look exactly like my "golden comets"-- a red sex link. I love them as they are the nicest birds, will come running whenever I'm any place near them and I have one that if I reach for her will squat and let me pick her up. Apparently she likes to be carried around.
mine too looks just like that, red sex links/golden comets.....nice breed, most of mine squat and let me pet them and pick them up. and when ever they hear me coming there is a race as to who gets to me first LOL....

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