Turtle Aquarium Help!


5 Years
Apr 10, 2018
New York State
I know this is a poultry site but I need suggestions about my turtles. I do have a separate turtle forum but I don't really like it as much as BYC. Anyone whose had experience with sliders, this is for you!
I have 2 YBS turtles and next week will be the first time that I'm going to purchase a big aquarium with a fluval filter. Right now I have a temporary ReptoFilter, but we don't really like it.
We're getting one of these:

And for the filter(Fluval FX6 High Performance Canister Filter):

And I have no idea how to set it up.
Can someone help a clueless turtle owner out?
Love that video - we have a turtle, the aquarium is a 90 gallon, we use stones from lowes so he has something to climb on, have only plastic plants and three filters (it gets really dirty, really fast....), and no stones/sand. Remember to get a UV light (to keep it cleaner) and we bought a "sun lamp" that we turn off at night

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