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    Mar 31, 2013
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    I hear ya and sure don't blame you for going for the less money route.
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    Dec 8, 2013
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    [​IMG] Hello Bee and the gang! I need to tweak. I just haven't got the time right now, too much work. Air Conditioning business season has really picked up. I currently have Dominiques (doing my part to help save the Heritage). But I would like to start raising Light Sussex soon. In doing so, I will need to build another coop and double my run. The breed is pretty scarce around here, so it looks like I'm going to have to build or buy a bator and buy some eggs; beings I'm looking for some real Looker traits.

    I've pretty much used up all my scrap materials for building another coop, so I'm keeping my eye out for some materials. And I have already used my daughters old trampoline for a portable run to protect my chickens from the hawks, when they are more or less free-ranging. I just wrapped the entire frame with chicken wire and left a gap in it. The actual Jumping tarp keeps them in the shade in our hot weather here in Southeast Texas and the hawks can't see them. And we can move it around.

    Interesting thread. I'm glad you started it![​IMG]
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    That's how I've seen other folks use the trampolines, Cowpoke. I've never seen someone deconstruct it and use it like Pete has...wonder if the cloth of the trampoline could be utilized for a shade cloth on the hoop run he's making.

    I hope you find your LS birds...too bad Pete couldn't send you some from down under, his are gorgeous! Though I have heard that the AMA finds the Aussie strains too large for SOP here in the states?

    I can't wait to see if breeding the two strains of WRs I have together will yield a bird with better feather quality, a larger and better egg quality, and better fertility.

    Will post pics of the cobbled up coop/pen when I can...still have more tweaking to be done there.
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    Jul 30, 2012
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    We are having a debate here, so I thought I'd ask for opinions.

    Hoop coop for ducks ...

    I want to do the version where you don't use wood framing around the bottom but instead you put those sturdy metal stakes at the outside corners to support the bow. I figure I can attach all the extra wire to the welded-wire panels when it is still flat, maybe even attach the tarp/water proofing at that stage, then in a jiffy "we" can port it to the desired location, pound in the corner stakes, and have a "hoop coop" ... I'm still debating if I want the ends open so it is mostly a feed shelter, or if I want doors so I can close the ducks in at night.

    Dad wants to build a more traditional hoop coop with wooden framing, etc.

    So far our ducks prefer to sleep outside in their run. They have pretty well snubbed the lovely pallet coop we constructed for them. Occasionally one will go in there to lay an egg, maybe. I could really use that coop for other things!

    One would be "easier," the other would be "better." Is the "easy" version such a terrible idea that we should discard it?
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    Maybe you could use 2" pvc for the Runners or base with the hoop attached to the 2" with holes for the stakes in the runners for anchoring.. That would make it easy to relocate. Something like this.[​IMG]
    Search google for PVC Hoop Coop..
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    Sure can...many folks using range coops for pasturing meaties in just that manner. You could even reinforce that hoop shape with just nylon ropes tied to the corners so that it retains its shape when you transport and you merely need to pound in the stakes at the new location. Now, the wind may be a factor, so have to anchor it but good, and it won't hold up to snow in the winter time without a good frame or T posts supporting it on the sides but for simple range use it would be great.
  7. LeslieDJoyce

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    Jul 30, 2012
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    I think a range shelter would also work great for turkeys ... they are out on the range during summer and fall, before the snow.

    For the ducks, I'd love to be able to put the runners in a different spot where they can do more running.
  8. LeslieDJoyce

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    Jul 30, 2012
    Sherwood, OR
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    A friend has a really great Hoop Coop with a super sturdy PVC frame. I like the idea of PVC for the runners down the long sides. I'm mostly trying to not over build anything as that tends to bog down the project.
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    Mar 17, 2012
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    Subscribing! I bought an old farmstead with tons of scrap laying around. Since we live on one income, I tend to "tweak" my coop with things I can find laying around the farm. Love this thread!

    I am hoping to make myself a little hoop house shelter out in the field for the chickens to hide in and make more use of the property. Since my chicken yards were once old feed lot space, there sure isn't much for cover out there. Just lots of grass.....
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    Oh, please tell us all about it when you do and maybe take a few pics? I LOVE scrappin''s the hillbilly way of life and holds a rich heritage for me! [​IMG] I just butchered...I mean...built [​IMG] an all purpose pen out of pallets and scrap wood and it looks like a hot mess but it's going to do the job. I'll take pics when next I can get a minute and have it all finished.

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