Twin Chicks Double yolk


5 Years
Apr 22, 2014

Double yolk egg

Sired by Roo and a RiR

Mommy Beatrix

Huge fertilized egg! Candling confirms 2 yolks. I am going to let my little Beatrix sit on it. I'll check back in a few days. I hope it works out and we have twin chicks but I have also learned not to count my chicks before they hatch. I'll do my best to take pics as I go but they will not be the best. The only camera I have is my phone for now.
If you have any experience or positive input on twin chicks please feel free to share.

I saw a video a while back of twin chicks hatching from an egg. Now, I think the lady helped a bit because they were very crowded and couldn't move much. But that was a successful hatch! I do think it's pretty rare though. They always say no helping with incubation, but she was very very careful and by golly, with her help, they survived.

Keep us posted! Good luck! Crossing my fingers for you!
Ty :)
I know our chances are slim. Especially since my hen will be incubating this egg. My hope is that this egg is big enough that the chances of survival will be better.
If for some reason this twin egg doesn't make it, we will hopefully try again in the spring with an incubator with our fizzles.
You will need to assist the hatch. It is impossible for them to hatch without assist, other than that it is completely possible. It is super cool when they do hatch!
Right after I posted this I found another double in the nest. Easter (my other broody) had already adopted it by the time I found it.

I had read that I would have to assist the hatch but I've never had the opportunity to do that before now. Any tips, pointers..... Or how to's would be greatly appreciated.

Also, do I do it early? Do I wait until day 21?
I think you shouldn't get ahead of yourself! See if they are even developing! Good luck!
My Roo is pretty potent and our eggs are very fertile. :)

Even if they don't make it the information would always be nice to know :)
This is the last chance that I will give my little Beatrix and Easter to hatch any eggs. I don't want any new chicks after Halloween until spring.

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