Twisted Neck (pics)


6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
I was in the coop checking on my 3 week old chicks and noticed one of my grown layers was looking at me sideways, or at the ceiling. Her crop is empty, and her abdomen is soft. she pooped on me, a liquidy white poop.

edit: I'm picking up 60 broilers tomorrow, I did not order the Marek's vaccine for the chicks, so it that's what it looks like, I need to call ASAP and get them vaccinated.

edit again, she is just under a year, and I didn't notice when I was in there this morning (ive been going out several times a day, because of the young chicks)
She is full sized, I'm not sure of her breed
comb and wattle are normal
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I have her separated, and offered 21% starter instead of her regular layer pellets, her crop
Is now full. I couldn't find poly vi sol, so I bought a children's chewable vitamin (no iron) in case it's nutrition related. And crushed one in her bowl of food.
DH made me put her back last night, but I've separated her again this morning until she's eaten something, I've wet down the container of starter and crushed vitamin tablet, I will return her to the run with the others once I know she's eaten, as she seems to get along fine, I'm just concerned about her not being able to eat out of the feeder I have for them.

I would really like some sort of confirmation if I'm doing the right thing, because I have no idea, this is my first sick chicken that didn't need to be put down right away (the others were animal attacks, that would have killed them anyway)
After 2 days of offering her a vitamin crushed in starter feed, I was unable to dedicate the extra time to her, as I picked up 60 broiler chicks, and my kids have been home from school. She is doing better though moving slow, she has showed the most interest in my 3 week old chicks, and won't squat for me, but she is still laying regular, I've gotten 9/9 brown eggs for 3 days now.
Today she is not doing so well, I noticed she was moving slow last night, so I mixed up a fresh bowl of vitamins and starter for her, and put her in a cage where the other chickens couldn't take it all, her crop was empty then, and she hadn't touched the food this morning. I'm getting really worried about her now, I dipped her beak like a day old chick, to get her to have a small drink of water, went to feed the broilers, and came back, she hadn't moved, it is raining hard here today, and the chickens are hiding out in the coop, the waterr is just outside the door. when she is standing she almost looks dizzy.

Any help would be appreciated.
I'm debating a dewormer or electrolytes, as now a second bird is showing signs (first is RIR, or a red Sussex cross and second is Columbian rock) both hatched last June, from Rochester hatchery in Alberta, they were not Vaccinated. I have 1 each healthy Columbian Rock Pullet and Roo, and 1 healthy RIR/Red Sussex Pullet. The rest of my flock is white leghorns and Isa Browns. With 12 EE chicks in the same coop (4 weeks old) that were vaccinated for Mareks. I feed unmedicated starter (21%) to the chicks and 17% layer to the adults.

I also have a coop of 60 week old broilers, the EE's were with them for 3 very cold days last week to share the heat lamps.
What type of feed are they on in case it is diet related(vit/mineral deficiency). In Manitoba my feed contains added Vit E and Selenium(same treatment used in wry neck)i have never had a case of wry neck in any birds including my silkies who are prone to condition,just curious what feed your girls are on.

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