twisted toes on month old chicks

what did I do

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Apr 10, 2012
Can we put shoes on a feather footed chick with twisted toes? Will it help a chick who is a month old? He has had twisted for about 2 weeks.
I just read in a book I picked up yesterday, that you can use medical tape or bandaids to tape the feet up so that the toes straighten out. I don't know how this would work with feathered feet though. The picture shows a piece around the 'ankle' (do chickens have ankles??), and the some tape/band aids around each toe. Just make sure that it's not too tight, and that there aren't any sticky pieces that could stick to the chicks body when it lays down. I'm new to chicken keeping, but thought I'd share this with you, there is probably someone else who has a better idea. Good luck with your chick!
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I've always done shoes or tape when they were just hatched or right when an issue began. We had one chick hatch Friday with twisted toes (faverolle) and I made a little shoe, which she hated, passionately but yesterday was day 3 with a shoe and no more twisted toes.

I am still working on the sway leg that she and another chick have, that usually takes longer.

Can you unbend the toes on your chick still? Or is there too much pressure because that is how they have been? I have had parrots that I have bought that have had a toe twisted under and although it looked funny, it didn't impact them in a negative way but parrots fly most places, they don't walk so not sure what to tell you.

I am not that experienced with chickens, lots of experience with parrots so I am sort of doing what worked for me with them. I am sure someone more experienced with chickens will have some advice.
I brought them in and took a good look at their feet. I decided not to do anything for them. The one with feathers on its feet has feathers on it's toes too.

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