Two 3 week old white bantam Cochen cockerals in Franklin, MA.


11 Years
Sep 29, 2008
Tarboro, NC
I ordered three white bantam cochin chicks through Cackle and two of them are boys. They are both very sweet and we have been handling them daily. I'd like to find them a home together or seperately (at this age they really need to have other chicks around the same age with them). I can hold the chicks until they are ready to go outside. Not to be eaten-pet/breeder only. Located in Franklin, MA.

Now I don' have any bantam cochins, I do have Japanese bantams, adults & a juvenile & 1 chick -eggs under 2 hens & incubator. So I will have staggered ages. They are more than welcome here. If you could hold on to them till they are ready for outdoors, that would be great. I just love the bantam roos, so far from my experience they do very well with each other & are gentle w/ their ladies.
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Good for you, inthesticks. Those little dudes will have a good home w/you and your chooks. I have had the same experience with bantam cochins and Japanese bantams (Chabo) that the roos are very gentle.

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