Two boys, one girl?

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Apr 24, 2010
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I think I have two boys and one girl here. The first two pics are of my oddball SLW with a single comb. The third and fourth pics are of his hatch-mate with a peacomb. Is the second one a girl?






This is another SWL from the same hatch, (to the left standing in the plate) which I am pretty sure is a boy:


The chick in this pic all the way to the right is the same chick in the first two pics posted.

The two chicks in the middle of this last pic are EE's and I think they are girls?
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The ones you identified as cockerels are definite. I'd keep an eye on the one possible pullet. That's a bit more color than I would expect on a 4 week old. The one EE that's facing the camera looks like a pullet. I can't see the other one's comb, so I can't say on that one.
This is the front of the EE that was not facing the camera.

This is my other EE, girl?

This is my EE that I think is a boy. This pic was taken a few days ago and the comb is turning red and is raised more than in this pic.

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i would watch the black and white and if it starts getting red in on the wings then you have a rooster with that one the brown/black one looks pullet and the last looks cockerel
for the slw i think your guesses so far look correct
I think your guesses are correct but I'd still wait on the SLW's. I thought mine were all boys and they looked like that but they ended up being 3 girls and 2 boys. They really tricked me.
That is a rose comb.
Overall I think you are correct, but sometimes the EEs and Wyandotte (just like many other breeds) can be tricky and fool you. Bright red comb can be a good indication of roos, but not always and not always the best indicator. Some roos will have pale combs and some pullets will have red combs. With EEs, I have found that almost 100% of the time the boys will have a distinct red pea comb with the three rows being very visible, but there are the exceptions. I have not noticed this on pullets yet, theirs always have been pale and not as distinct as the roos. This is just my observation from a little over 50 chicks.

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