two gone

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13 Years
Nov 4, 2010
my farm South Alabama
Something got into my pen last night, though I don't know for sure it could have been a day attack, I work all day, so I check in when I feed my birds in the morning. I had 2 small pullet size, maybe 4 months. I'd just moved them in w/ the adult birds a week or so ago. I find a foot, a cluster of wing feathers, and little else. No big visable holes. Whatever it was was small and agile. Maybe a small dog. I hear my neighbors dogs up the hiway, but have only seen the a few times. I live back from a busy hiway, w/ woods all around. I sured up the pen some, filling in any holes, and pulling all weeds around the electric fence charger making sure it's good and hot across the back. But I think something may have dug under the gate on the front. Wish I knew what it was.

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